2″ (51mm) Hygienic Clamped Metal


Offering a robust leak-free clamped design for quick teardown and reassembly, Versamatic’s 2″ (51mm) clamped stainless steel hygienic diaphragm pump is designed to meet the 3-A sanitary standards for air-operated double-diaphragm(AODD) pumps.

The Versamatic leak detection unit comes standard on all 3-A hygienic diaphragm pumps, delivering peace of mind by reducing the chance of contamination to the product from the air-side. The leak detection unit can signal to shut the pump down in the event liquid is detected (diaphragm failure) to prevent environmental damage.

Hygienic AODD Pump Features:

With the addition of Versamatic’s leak detection system and with Fusion™ integral bonded plate PTFE diaphragms, these pumps have been specifically designed to meet the 3-A sanitary standards for AODD pumps. Versamatic 3-A sanitary pumps are available in 1 ½” and 2″ sizes.

2" (51mm) Hygienic Clamped Metal

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