1 ½” (38mm) PortaPump®


Remove water quickly and easily with the Versamatic PortaPump. The centrifugal PortaPump is rugged, submersible and conveniently operates using any common 12-volt vehicle battery. These dewatering pumps come equipped with 30-foot cables and battery clips or a two-pole connector (-APP). Additionally, these centrifugal pumps are portable, weighing only 33 pounds (15 kg) and fit through openings as small as 10″ (25 cm). They feature an external switch to turn on and off, and a rock screen to prevent large particulate from entering the pump.

Plastic Flap Valve Pump Features:

1 ½" (38mm) PortaPump®
Surge Suppressors

Surge Suppressors

Diaphragm Pump Surge Suppressor Versamatic’s diaphragm pump surge suppressors virtually eliminate undesirable pulsation from pumping,

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Versamatic Diaphragms


Selecting the right diaphragm for an air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump is critical to the safety

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