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If wet wipes are an issue this is your your solution

The model DG-I submersible chopper pump is particularly suitable for biogas plants. This heavy-duty chopper pump is designed with an open impeller, which is the ideal design for pumping feedstocks with high dry matter content and high viscosity. The pump’s unique chopping system, or knife system, proves extremely effective in situations, where large particles and contaminants often create problems for other types of pump.

The benefits of Landia chopper pumps for biogas plants

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Chopper Pump DG-I
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Chopper Pump DGR-I
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Chopper Pumps for Wastewater

Use of the wastewater pump

The submersible chopper pump has several wastewater applications. As an example, the DG-I pump has proven to be a problem solver in pumping stations, where there is a large content of rags, wet wipes and other debris that would typically cause other pumps to have trouble operating.
Landia’s pumps are designed to be able to pump liquids with high viscosity. This makes them extremely suitable for pumping wastewater sludge. For use in liquids that contain abrasive particles such as sand, we have developed specialty materials that can significantly extend the service life of the pump compared to a standard pump, resulting in lower long-term operating costs. If the pump is to be operated in more aggressive liquids, such as wastewater from dairies, we offer the pump in stainless steel.

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