Heating and hot water systems

Circulator pumps for
circulation of hot
water in central and
district heating systems
and circulation
in domestic hot water
service systems.

Cooling and air-conditioning systems

Circulator pumps for
circulation of cold
water and other liquids
in cooling and

Domestic water supply

Submersible pumps,
jet pumps, multistage
centrifugal pumps
and compact systems
for water supply in
homes, gardens and
hobby applications.

Pressure boosting and liquid tranfer

Vertical and horizontal,
pumps and pressure
booster systems for
liquid transfer and
boosting of hot and
cold water.

Groundwater supply

Submersible and dry
installed pumps for
groundwater supply,
irrigation and
groundwater lowering.

Dosing and disinfection

Dosing pumps, disinfection
systems and
measuring & control
for wastewater treatment
systems, swimming
pools and

Industrial applications

A wide range of pumps for the transfer
of water, cooling lubricants and other
liquids in industrial and process systems.


Drainage, effluent and sewage pumps,for a wide range of applications in building services, industrial as well as transfer of raw sewage in municipal sewage systems and
treatment plants.