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Pumps for Hot Liquids

Cornell Pump’s series of hot liquids pumps boasts robust construction, proved design, and Cornell quality. Available from 1” to 10” sizes. Manufactured in USA, Cornell Hot Liquids pumps last longer than competitors, and when you need routine maintenance, parts are easily available off the shelf from Portland, Oregon.


Features & Benefits

The Hot Liquids series has been employed
successfully in more than 40,000 installations for over 35 years. Most Cornell Hot Liquids pumps feature a balance line to equalize pressure between the impeller hub area and the pump suction to reduce axial loading acting
on the impeller, shaft and bearings. Enclosed impellers proved premium efficiencies up to 89%, and vapor suppression lines helps mitigate entrained steam.

All Hot Liquid Pumps include:
Optional Components

*requires water cooling gland or steam quench with grafoil seat

Cornell Hot Liquid Pump
Mechanical Shaft Seal

The metal bellows mechanical shaft seal, with an optional water-cooled seat, can be used where temperature requirements reach up to 550° F/ 288C. This proven shaft sealing method was developed over many years of field testing, and is optimized to provide hot liquid industrial processors with the most reliable and cost effective seal system in the marketplace. The metal bellows seal provides superior performance in extreme temperature processing services. The bellows leaf construction offers greater metal dependability and more uniform bellows compression.

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