Self-priming centrifugal pumps

Varisco J series heavy duty pumps range from 40mm to 300mm and are Ideal for pumping liquids with solids in suspension. They are for applications where the main feature is the difficulty in priming and are used in the industry, construction and emergency.

Self-priming principle

The air (yellow arrows) is drawn into the pump due to the negative pressure created by the moving impeller and is emulsified with the liquid (blue arrows) contained in the pump casing.

The air-liquid emulsion is forced into the priming chamber where the lighter air is separated and leaves through the discharge pipe; the heavier liquid drops back down into circulation.

Once all of the air has been expelled from the suction pipe, the pump is primed and works like a normal centrifugal pump.

Positive displacement internal gear pumps

V pumps are internal gear positive displacement rotary pumps. The flow is generated by two gears: the rotor and idler, one inside the other, separated by a crescent. As the gears rotate, liquid is drawn into the spaces created between the gears and the crescent. When the gears mesh, the liquid is forced out of the pump. They are used in industrial plants for pumping liquids of any viscosity without solids in suspension:



Chemicals products      Soap and detergents            Paint and ink               Chocolate

Petroleum products       High temperature liquids      Adhesives                   Molasses