Premium brand in wastewater pumps

Jung Pumpen has been producing and delivering since 1924 the most reliable and sophisticated wastewater products on the market for residential and municipal applications. Made in Germany

Multicut sewage pumps

Out of sight Out of mind.


The Jung Multicut range of heavy duty macerating pumps utilise an approved cutter that has seen service for more than 30 years. Suitible for small discharge pipes and high heads. These pumps are also trusted for use in public facilities where almost anything can be flushed.


Multifree and Multistream

Jungs large range of pumps for municipal or industrial waste or dewatering applications. And are designed to handle large solids without blocking.


• effluent which contains fibrous

matter prone to matting

• effluent which contains solids

• abrasive effluent

• effluent which contains air or gas

• mixed water

• raw effluent

• raw sludge

• surface water

• rainwater


Sizes from 65mm to 200mm

Flows to 150 Liters per second

Small Sump pumps

Proven millions of times over, handling

domestic waste water is no trouble at

all for U3K(S) and U5K(S) submersible

pumps. Installed as stationary

units in a cellar sump or collecting

chamber, they reliably dispose waste

water and prevent backpressure. But

they also come into their own in

mobile applications, such as in the

garden or when flooding occurs.


With its silicon carbide mechanical

seal,the U6K(S) drainage pump,

is just the job for pumping not only

waste water, but also drainage and

seepage water in sumps, as well as

silage liquor and liquid fertilizer.

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Complete lifting stations

Jung Compli range of lifting stations for building services are a compact reliable solution where a large in ground sump does not exist. Availible in single or dual with various capacities. Integrated failure alarm.

Emergency flood kit

Leaving the last flood behind means facing the next flood!


"Relaxed dewatering" with the Flood Emergency Kit. Powerful, durable and tackles the problem – the "Flutbox" helps people who are affected by flood water, to react quickly and efficiently.

Just put the carrying cage with the pump on the ground and pump the water out of the building via the fire hose.

Even in dry seasons the "Flutbox" is a reliable assistant. The heart of this emergency kit is the powerful multifunctional submersible pump U 5 KS. Taken out of the carrying cage it can be used stationary or as a portable tool for several kinds of dewatering situations.

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Compact lifting stations

The Jung Hebefix range of in tank pumps are perfect for domestic installations where no sump exists or in commercial applications such as condensate removeal. Also availible with low level switching to activate at a water level of down to 90mm

Mid sump pumps


These submersible drainage pumps

show what they are made of in applications

calling for faecal-free wastewater

to be pumped from different

areas. Powerful motors, hydraulics

that are tailor-made for the media

pumped, and also high-quality

materials are the hallmarks of our

US range of pumps.


▶▶ Controllable oil chamber

▶▶ SiC mechanical seal independent of

rotation direction

▶▶ Replaceable moisture sealed

cable inlet