FTI Drum Pumps

FTI manufacturers Drum Pumps for Industrial and commercial customers so they can safely transfer hard-to-handle acids, chemicals and solvents with a Finish Thompson drum / barrel pump. Ergonomically designed for ease in handling, FTI's drum / barrel pumps provide exceptional performance at competitive pricing. Air, electric, weatherproof, TEFC and explosion-proof motors are interchangeable with pumps for greater application flexibility.

EF Sealless Drum Pumps

FTI / Finish Thompson EF Sealless Drum Pumps - Economy Best Value! The EF Series pumps provide an economical choice for light duty transfer. An ideal replacement for hand pumps. Polypropylene, pure polypropylene/PVDF, or 316 stainless steel tubes, Dual speed adjustable motors, Tubes interchangeable with motors, Lightweight & economical, Plastic models have built-in hose cord & clips.


PF Sealless Drum Pumps

FTI / Finish Thompson PF Sealless Drum Pumps - High Performance. Unique double suction impeller provides high flow and high head. Featuring multiple material options and connections, the PF Series is designed for container-to-container transfer of acids, corrosives, and chemicals. Features include: Polypropylene, PVDF, or 316SS tubes, Interchangeable with motors, Greater flow control with variable orifice discharge (PFM/PFP/PFV only), Up to 2000 cP with M58P/M59P motors, FDA-compliant option (Click here for more information), Built-in hose and cord clips (PFM/PFP/PFV only).